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Serving as headquarters of the small Palari Tehsil of Raipur district, Palari city remains an important gateway in the region. It is a small city and famous for its Hindu temples and natural locations. Located at a distance of only 75 kilometers from the district headquarters city of Raipur in the eastern side, Palari is best connected with its nearby urban localities. Other important places in this region such as Balodi and Kosmandi are located at a distance of 4 kilometers each from this city. Likewise, nearby Kusmi and Datan villages surround it at the distance of only 5 and 6 kilometers respectively. Northern side of Palari is covered by the Baloda Bazar Tehsil while Kasdol Tehsil surrounds it from its eastern area besides Bhatapara and Tilda Tehsils surrounding it towards the western region.

About Palari

History of Palari

Palari simply existed as a tiny village like several other villages in this region. As a village it therefore hardly carried any special factor which could bring it into the notice of historians. Over the period this small village turned tehsil came into limelight. Today it remains an important part of Raipur District in Chhattisgarh state. The area is well connected to rest parts of state by road and railways and so does postal communication links it with the other parts of the country.

Geography of Palari

Geographically, Palari city coordinates at 21° 33' 0" N, 82° 10' 0" E. According to the recent census records Palari has total population of 119621 out of which 58438 are males and its female population consisted of 61183 respectively. Other tiny cities including Baloda Bazar, Bhatapara, Tilda Newra, Mahasamund are few of them located nearby. This area observes moderate temperature like the other areas of Raipur district. Palari experiences tropical wet and dry climatic condition in which its temperatures always remain moderate for entire year except during the summer months continuing from March to June months. Summertime of Palari is of the extreme hot season like rest areas of Raipur District. In fact its common temperature reaches up to 48 °C (118 °F) during April to May months. Dry and hot windy scenes are common during summer months here. This region receives approximately 1,300 millimetres (51 in) of annual rain in the late June to early October months as observed the monsoon season in this region. Average minimum temperature during the wintertime falls to 5°C (41 °F) from November to January months.

Administration in Palari

Palari is a small city which serves as headquarters of the Palari Tehsil that come under the Raipur District of Chhattisgarh state. It is monitored and governed by the district collector and tehsil officials. The elected members also play important role in the governance of the region. The Tehsil headquarters in this city is major urban region where Block Development Officer and team of other officers plus staffs discharge their duties to ensure that all sorts of government plans are executed at the right time.

Collector & District Magistrate, Raipur
Shri Thakur Ram Singh IAS
Collector & DM, Raipur
Address: Collectorate, Kutchery Chowk,
Raipur, Chhattisgarh – 492001 (INDIA)
Website: http://raipur.gov.in/

Culture of Palari

The culture of the local masses in Palari is what prevails in the entire Chhattisgarh state and which is best known as the Chhattisgarhi culture. As it is a semi urban and rural area large chunk of its inhabitants speak local Chhattisgarhi language. They maintain simple lifestyle. It is worth noticing though that culture of Chhattisgarh state is vibrant, interesting and rich as well. Even today traditional medical practitioners or Baigas use famous regional treatment solutions to cure different types of diseases or snake bites through the Jhad phook practices. The culture of this region is popular due to its enriched traditions and lifestyles. Modesty, kindness and adjustable nature of the people of this region keep them apart from others. General masses always prefer varieties in their dressing and so do they live with the fullest of the entertainments they enjoy. Such culture is seen in all regions of the state so people in Palari can be seen actively participating in various types of unique music and dance styles. Some of them like the prominent Raut Nacha, Dewar Nacha, Panthi & Soowa, Padki and Pandwani music and dance styles which are popular in this region. This area has also welcomed the amazing style of singing Mahabharata through famous Pandwani musical style which is popular in the whole state. Both men and women of this region prefer wearing colorful dresses and common varieties of local ornaments to showcase their own cultural identities. Women commonly use the decorative items such as Baandha; Suta; Phuli; Bali & Khunti; Ainthi; Patta; Choora and Kardhani on their waists. Some more interesting ornaments include Pounchhi rings for the upper arms and Bichhiya worn on the toes which are very much popular in this area. Even common men of Palari and the nearby areas decorate themselves with the Koundhi and Kadhah to participate in dances or many other similar such activities.

Economy of Palari

Being an agrarian society, economy of Palari mainly thrives on agriculture production. Several agricultural processing units plus saw mills have been established in the district headquarters to cater to the needs of processing crops which are commonly harvested in Palari and nearby areas. Palari is a small city nearby the regional hub for commerce and trade in Raipur where many small scale industries especially soap manufacturing; oil milling and electrical welding industries have already been established over the period. Agriculture therefore remains crucial occupation of large chunk of masses in Palari tehsil as well. Commonest of the crop produces in Palari are wheat, paddy, groundnut and maize et al. Some areas in Raipur District including portions of Palari are rich with mineral resources. Several rice mills have been established in and around Palari city in recent decades. This small city has been fast emerging as regional hub for trade and commerce due to its nearness to the district headquarters city of Raipur. Oil milling, soap manufacturing and electrical welding units are biggest of the region’s industrial economy boosters.

Food in Palari

Those having keen interest to taste the food of Palari and nearby regions shouldn’t miss out the special delicacies of Chhattisgarh like jalebis, rakhia badi and petha which are integral parts of the local foods. It is a common scene to find the tangy recipes and sweet delectable in the food of Palari as such trend is common in the entire state. Basic diet components include rice, maize, wheat and jowar et al. There is abundance of staple food as well. Two major categories of food in this region are tribal and non-tribal recipes available in region’s food menus. Various types of fruits are common components of tribal foods. Rakhia badi and petha are unique foods commonly prepared during festival time in and around Palari as much as they are popular in the whole state. Lentils especially chana dals are commonly found in local foods. Wide array of appetizing foods are therefore prepared in this region. Rakhia badi curry is known in this area whose components include rakhia phal or fruit, coriander, green chillies, ginger and the seeds of slitted black gram amongst others. Jalebis are famous sweets as parts of several recipes prepared in this region. Bafauri recipe is prepared from the chana dal variations served with roti and rice. Being a small city, there is no famous restaurant in Palari. Local restaurants prepare traditional delicacies. A few of them are as mentioned below.

State Highway 9
Address: Palari, Raipur (Chhattisgarh) – 493228
Contact: Not Available

Restaurant Asiatique dans Palari
Address: Palari, Raipur (Chhattisgarh) – 493228
Contact: Not Available

Society in Palari

Many NGOs though operate from the district headquarters Raipur city and therefore they work in coordination with local people in the remote areas of Palari to resolve the issues pertaining to general masses. Such organizations mainly focus on the issues related to women empowerment; childcare; healthcare and hygiene related issues.

Palari Tourism

Although Palari is a small city in the Raipur District of Chhattisgarh state, it has gained attention of tourists from various parts. People come here as tourists usually visit the religious places and so do they involve in the sightseeing activities. Approach local travel guides to make best use of your time during your exploration of the notable places in and around Palari region. Few temples and historic monuments are worth visiting here during the tours. Tourists also prefer visiting the rural areas to develop the feeling of rustic lifestyle in Palari area. Obtain detailed information before you start exploring notable places of Palari to save your time and energy. As it is a small city you can enjoy your stay and visit most places in short time period. Make sure to study when to visit, where to stay and what to eat. Such small preparations would make it easy for you to use best of your time in Palari which therefore turns your trip an awesome experience.

Lifestyle in Palari

Being semi urban and rather mainly a rural region, Palari society hardly has urbanized itself so its lifestyle portrays rustic style. As large chunk of its inhabitants are tribal masses, they extensively involve in common activities such as dances and songs that portray region’s cultural identity and the traditions. People maintain unique lifestyle. Their cultural diversities can be best observed during various religious and social festivals as well as on the occasion such as marriage ceremonies and rest social gatherings. Hardly is there any iota of the modern lifestyle in this area henceforth modern pubs or beauty parlors and or other such modern amenities of living and lifestyle are not seen in this region. In fact local traditions and cultural diversities are always witnessed in the lifestyle of people in this small area of Chhattisgarh state.

Utility Services in Palari

As a semi urban region, Palari is not well planned for all types of utility services which an urban region is commonly bestowed with for the constant growth. It is a small tehsil in the Raipur district hence most of the administrative tasks for this region are usually completed in the district headquarters itself. The area remains focused on the tehsil based administrative activities which are of no large scale. Overall, the area is well equipped with electricity, water supply, medical facilities, postal services and all those services that ease the lifestyle of common inhabitants and the visitors alike.

Aadhar Card Centers in Palari

Nearby Raipur District headquarters, under which the administration of Palari also comes, have several centers where Aadhar card applications are processed. They assist the applicants from filling applications to the issuance of Aadhar cards.

Banks in Palari

India’s biggest state owned nationalized State Bank of India (SBI) operates from its branch in Palari. Below is the detail of SBI branch operating in this city.

State Bank of India
Branch: Palari
IFSC Code: SBIN0014397
Address: Palari, Gaurav Path, Rohansi Road, Palari Tahsil, Palari, District - Raipur (Chhattisgarh) – 493228

Transportation in Palari

Palari is connected to various cities of the state and country by road, rail and airways service. As excellent transportation facility is available the inhabitants of this region have easy access to many places in the nearby areas. Bilaspur Junction is the nearest big railway station which connect this area with the rest parts of country through India’s biggest railways network. A small railhead is located nearby Palari named Mahasamund at a distance of even less than 10 km. Express and local trains operate nearby this area to facilitate ultimate railways journey option. National highways and several state highways pass through the area to connect Palari with other parts of the Chhattisgarh state. Such roads connect different cities and even villages. Buses operate from one place to other in Chhattisgarh state and so are many interstate buses operating in and around this area. Located at a distance of mere 60 kilometers from Palari city, Raipur Airport serves as one of the important airports to connect this region with the entire country and world by air.

Overall, Palari is still an underdeveloped area in Chhattisgarh state nearby district headquarters of Raipur District. This place is emerging faster due to nearness to the fast developing Raipur city whose integral part is Palari as one of its Tehsils. This semi-urban region attracts visitors willing to explore the rustic areas and so do they make a visit to the ancient temples. Although this place has still not boomed there are ample opportunities for it to grow over the years.

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